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Skowhegan 75 Years

Established in rural Maine in 1946, the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture is one of the oldest and most well-respected artist residencies in the world. In 2015, RAVA was commissioned to create a film that explored the history and legacy of the school, and captured the life-changing event that Skowhegan has come to represent for so many young artists. Weaving interviews with artists, faculty,  archival material and original footage of present-day Skowhegan, the film captures the memories and magic of art-making at Skowhegan, and perhaps more importantly, of becoming an artist.

We created two films as part of this project. The Pivot, released for Skowhegan’s 75th Anniversary benefit, and a longer 12 min film which is currently in post-production.

The Pivot

Skowhegan Gala 2018

Directed by Rafael Salazar and Ava Wiland

Produced by Ava Wiland

Executive Producer by Wesley Miller

Cinematography and Editing by Rafael Salazar