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"Daniel Gordon Looks Back" featured in NOWNESS

RAVA's latest film for Art21,  "Daniel Gordon Looks Back", has been released in NOWNESS, the award-winning online video channel.  This piece is part of our New York Close Up digital documentary film series, devoted to artists in the first decade of their professional career, living and working in New York City. Having the opportunity to profile each artist in multiple short films shot over the years, the series offers a rare glimpse into today’s most intriguing young artists as their creative process, artistic aspirations and lives evolve over time.

This short documentary offers a glance into the daily work of the Brooklyn-based artist Daniel Gordon in his studio. Though his final works are almost always photographic prints, they are the result of meticulously set up still lifes. Each composition is made up of found images of objects that are printed or taken from magazines and arranged in three-dimensional collages.

Alana Dapena Fraiz