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"Bryan Zanisnik & Eric Winkler's Animated Conversation" in the UK

Our short documentary "Bryan Zanisnik & Eric Winkler's Animated Conversation" will be featured in Sunderland Shorts Film Festival, in the UK, on Saturday May 6 at 5:30 pm. This 3-day event celebrates filmmaking talent from all over the world. Conceived as a pop-up film festival, screenings are held in diverse venues around the city of Sunderland, showcasing short films from around the world that contain a mix of genres and styles. 

"Bryan Zanisnik & Eric Winkler's Animated Conversation" is part of the New York Close Up series we've produced in collaboration with Art21, offering dedicated profiles to today’s most intriguing young artists as their creative process, artistic aspirations and lives evolve over time. Using a combination of live action and animation, this short film captures artists Bryan Zanisnik and Eric Winkler as the two discuss their friendship, their art and the recent death of both of their mothers to cancer. 

If you can't make it to Sunderland, you can watch the whole film here:

Alana Dapena Fraiz