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"Lucas Blalock's Digital Toolkit" in Art Doc Friday

Our short film "Lucas Blalock's Digital Toolkit" will be screened tonight at Art Doc Friday, dedicated this month to short documentaries from past festivals focused on the arts, from music to graphic design. This event is an initiative by NYC Independent Film Festival, showcasing independent cinema in New York, including short films, feature films, music videos, and animated works.

Produced as part of our series "New York Close Up" in partnership with Art21, our film captures artist Lucas Blalock as he goes into his creative process to create uncanny pictures using simple tools in Photoshop. Shot in Blalock's Greenpoint studio, the artist demonstrates how he tweaks analog pictures by digitally erasing, masking, cloning and drawing on scans of images, incorporating these as reenactments in our audiovisual piece. 

To check out the full program and event details of Art Doc Friday, go to this link.

If you can't make it tonight to the Producers Club, you can also view the film here: 

Alana Dapena Fraiz